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Operational controls to better track their shipments, both import and export: Coordination and monitoring of their orders and see the background suppliers for both its loose charge movement and intact containers. Keep them informed about the status of each of your orders. Daily report inventories goods received in our warehouses in the United States and anywhere in the world. All our offices and agents worldwide have Internet / E-mails and internal connections for better communication between them. All the logistical support where and when you need to establish the fastest, cheapest and dynamic way of filling your orders. Dispatch of goods according to instructions. Confirmation of arrivals of goods with shipping and airlines. Legal processing of shipping documents (B / L) and airlines (HAWB). Routing of containers from the port selected by the customer Bond. Courier to deliver your shipping documents to its offices at no extra cost. Trucks with their own insurance.

World Cargo Express Panamá
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